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Benchmarking and analysis of key decision-making factors for
international students in choosing accommodation
Client: Campus Living Villages
Country: Australia
Category: Multinational student accommodation provider
Objective: To produce a benchmarking research study for regular updating to review key factors that influence a student’s choice of living accommodation, and those components that contribute towards the most conducive living environment for students.



Student accommodation specialist organisation, Campus Living Villages (CLV), works across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. CLV is committed to creating tailored communities that suit the unique culture of each campus, university or city. The company works with more than 60 education institutions across four regions and provides over 45,000 beds.


Business need

CLV commissioned EduWorld to conduct independent market research among university students to produce comprehensive data about the choice factors, satisfaction levels, study outcomes and benefits for students living within CLV accommodation. This data was required to identify factors that drive satisfaction, to apply the findings to improve the delivery of accommodation services to CLV's student and institutional clients.


The EduWorld Solution

EduWorld employed a two-phased approach involving both qualitative and quantitative research, including an adaptive choice-based conjoint to simulate the student accommodation decision-making process. The analysis from the research findings provided a comprehensive overview of the student values, choice factors, satisfaction levels, study outcomes and benefits for students when choosing their accommodation. EduWorld provided an in-depth outline of the way choice factors affect the decision-making process from a holistic point of view.



The client used these findings in multiple ways including to:

  • further enhance the product and services delivered to its residents to improve satisfaction

  • inform the company’s investment in terms of both infrastructure and services

  • continue to expand the appeal of its residences

  • inform the company’s overall marketing efforts 

  • generate publicity in mainstream media, as well as at industry conferences.


  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Benchmarking
  • Identification of choice factors
  • Analysis of findings

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