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Sheryl Prince
Senior Partner, The Americas

BA History, Tufts University


Sheryl has more than two decades of marketing and strategic consulting experience, combining a unique skill set in client services, brand and direct marketing, and market research, with a significant focus on the international education sector. She is a strident advocate for measurable, results-driven customer engagement that aligns with clients’ brand values and grows clients’ businesses - both onshore and offshore.

During her 15 years with EduWorld, Sheryl has supervised and led numerous market research projects in the global education sector, many of which have spanned up to two years and involved multiple teams of research and content experts. She has overseen and conducted research for, and amongst, a multitude of universities and other higher education providers, as well as many government agencies and departments in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Sheryl has managed a variety of projects providing strategic consulting services for many leading universities globally, government agencies e.g. British Council, AEI and DAAD, and for numerous private providers involved in international education including Apollo, Pearson, Navitas and Study Group.

Having worked on projects commissioned by universities and government/government agencies, as well as for other providers delivering services to these types of organisations and directly to students, such as Campus Living Villages (CLV), Sheryl brings a strong understanding of the wide and varied target audiences involved in the education sector, the inherent challenges and opportunities in designing and implementing research driven strategy, and the implications for clients.


Mobile: +1 917 660 6504




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