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Working globally in the education sector

EduWorld has worked with clients in the public and private education sectors to assist them with both their domestic and international needs. These case studies provide a sample of the services we have undertaken for clients around the world.


Market review and opportunity analysis:
Launching a language product in China

Client: World-leading university

Country: China

Objective: Research and strategic market entry advice on the
English language competition market in China

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Benchmarking and analysis of key decision-making factors for international students in choosing accommodation

Client: Campus Living Villages

Category: Multinational accommodation provider

Country: Australia

Objective: Benchmarking study to identify and analyse key factors that influence a student’s choice of accommodation

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  • Market expansion
  • International growth
  • Strategic planning
  • Stakeholder research
  • Merger and acquisition activities

Researching motivators and drivers for international students and migrants when selecting a high-stakes test

Client: Multinational education provider

Country: Australia

Segment: International testing

Objective: Identify the relative importance of drivers and decision-making factors when selecting a high-stakes test, to determine the most effective use of marketing budget

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