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Market review and opportunity analysis: Launching a language product in China
Client: World-leading university
Country: China
Objective: Research and strategic market entry advice on the English language competition market in China



A world-leading university was approached by a Chinese technology company to partner and develop a suite of test preparation products for the Chinese university entrance test – the ‘GaoKao’, which 10 million Chinese students sit annually.


Business need

The university commissioned EduWorld to conduct an independent assessment into the market potential for these products in China, with a focus on current and future government reforms that might impact this opportunity.


The EduWorld Solution

EduWorld implemented a multi-phased approach, involving both secondary and primary research to determine: the government’s current reform agenda for the GaoKao at national and regional levels and the potential impact on the test preparation market; and the funding models for the GaoKoa test development process. Using this data, we then developed a model to forecast a range of scenarios to predict the size and composition of the test preparation market, revenues and potential returns on investment.



The client has used these findings to further discuss with its Chinese partner the potential to develop this market.



  • Competitor analysis
  • Secondary and primary research to deliver:
         - sector overview
         - market segmentation
  • Qualitative research
  • Identify partnership opportunities
  • Market testing
  • Strategy development
          - economic modelling

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