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Researching motivators and drivers for international students and migrants
when selecting a high-stakes test, to maximise client's marketing efforts
Client: Multinational education provider
Country: Australia
Segment: International testing
Objective: Identify the relative importance of motivators/drivers and decision-making factors when selecting a high-stakes test, to determine the most effective use of marketing budget.



A global leader in high-stakes testing sought to undertake a market research project to better understand the demand drivers of international students and immigration applicants for high-stakes English language tests.


Business need

EduWorld was commissioned to conduct market research among the two largest cohorts of international students and migrant applicants in Australia (Chinese and Indians) as a guide for the organisation to maximise the impact of its marketing efforts. The research was designed to deliver target audience insights to drive the marketing message, media and timing.


The EduWorld Solution

We undertook a two-tiered approach involving both qualitative and quantitative research designed to:

  • produce profiles of the test-taking cohorts

  • provide a clearer understanding of the decision-making factors when selecting a language test and the relative importance of each of these

  • deliver a clearer understanding of the timing of test-takers’ choices

  • identify the trade-offs that test-takers would make

  • identify the key influencers that ultimately helped them to come to their decision on which test to take and how to prepare for it.



The results from the research provide insights into the target audiences to deliver a set of recommendations on how to make the organisation’s marketing message more focused, through a prioritised narrative, appropriate timing and the most suitable media channels for each target group. EduWorld also identified some opportunities to realise additional revenue through test preparation materials.


"EduWorld really took time to understand the information gap we were addressing,
and learning about our business and customers. EduWorld delivered digestible information with actionable insights."
Global Marketing Manager
  • Market research
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Profiling of target audiences
  • Identification of key drivers
  • Analysis of findings
  • Identification of  additional opportunities
  • Insights for recommendations to maximise marketing efforts

To discuss how we can assist with your business needs, talk to our market strategy specialist, Allison Doorbar.

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